Donor Sperm

Donor Sperm

Donor Sperm

At IVF-Spain Madrid, we use sperm donors from qualified sperm banks that follow European and Spanish legislation requirements.

When a patient requests a treatment with donated sperm, we contact one of the sperm banks we work with and explain the detailed physical characteristics and blood type that are needed. The bank, together with our professionals at the clinic, select the most suitable donor and the sperm samples are then shipped to IVF-Spain Madrid. The transportation of biological samples is highly regulated, and the banks we work with adhere to these standards.

The sperm sample remains frozen at our clinic, until they are used for the treatment. Before their use, the sample is capacitated to improve and maximize the potential of the sample.

The reasons that require patients to undergo a treatment using donated sperm are:

Tratamientos de reproducción asistida
  • Azoospermia, or the absence of spermatozoa, or males with severe seminal sperm abnormalities, which do not allow them to have healthy embryos.
  •  Males with genetic problems they do not wish to transmit to their offspring.
  • Single women who want to become moms.
  • Lesbian couples who want to be mothers.

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The stages of Sperm Freezing

Once the sperm sample has been obtained, the andrology lab will proceed to its analysis. We recommend sexual abstinence 1 to 3 days prior to collecting the sample. Over three days of abstinence is not recommended.

If the sample presents the optimal quality necessary, we will proceed to freezing it.

The sample is prepared together with a specific cryoprotectant to help the freezing. The sample is cooled in liquid nitrogen first in a gradual way until it reaches -196ºC. Freezing does not affect the quality of the sperm sample, as long as the seminal quality parameters are within normal bounds. In cases when sperm quality is compromised, freezing can negatively affect future treatments.

tratamiento con semen de donante

How can I increase my possibilities of falling pregnant?

Frequently Asked Questions

Male infertility is usually related to a small sperm count or alterations in the movement or morphology of the sperm. Another factor that affects make sterility is varicocele, which are varicose veins in the scrotum that affect sperm production. A testicular trauma, undescended testicles and homonal imbalances can also cause problems with fertility. Sometimes, the presence of other illnesses such as diabetes, central nervous system diseases or hipophysary tumors can also present challenges to fertility.

There are some studies that can be administered in order to diagnose, with more certainty, the sperm quality, such as FISH or the fragmentation test. It is important to note that these tests are not 100% conclusive, despite showing alterations.
It is, however, worth noting as well that they help in deciding the best option for the couple- from using donor sperm to conducting a preimplantational genetic diagnosis, to an IVF cycle. At our clinic, we are prepared to offer the best genetic guidance, given our professionals’ extensive experience and our proven good track record.