Psychology at ProcreaTec

Psychology at ProcreaTec

At ProcreaTec, our goal is to help our patients feel calm and optimistic and consequently enhance their chances of getting pregnant. We have a Psychology Unit available to patients at any stage of their treatment.

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Get support!

In each and every stage of the process, you will be able to find support, especially at the most difficult moments such as, while waiting for the results of your pregnancy test, a period known to cause anxiety.,

Egg donation, answers to your questions

Most people never give a second thought to their ability of being able to have children with their own eggs or sperm. They often fantasize about what their offspring will look like. When egg donation becomes their only option, questions and uncertainties arise. Why do some couples choose secrecy? Why should I tell my child? How do I tell him or her? When do I tell him/her?

How to deal with being a single mother

Sometimes, especially if you don’t have a good support system, consulting a professional can help you cope with becoming a single mother. You can also ask questions that you have on raising children and on their education.

Lesbian couples

Advice on reciprocal maternity or ROPA Method

Questions on whether or not to get pregnant.

Genetic inheritance.

What families usually expect from a heterosexual couple is that they have offspring and that they add more members to the family, but with gay couples, the contrary happens.

How to tell the family that you have decided to have a child.

Clarify uncertainties regarding the sexual orientation of the future child.

Ten step method

With our ten Step Method you will increase your chances of success and feeling good. By keeping a positive attitude and your anxiety under control, patients adapt more easily to treatments and increase success rates. Nature has created a complex process for reproduction and pregnancy where “enjoyment”, “positive states” and “health” are fundamental parts of it.