What is the EmbryoScope?

The EmbryoScope is a incubator with advanced technology which provides the maximum quality for embryo culture.

What advantage does the EmbryoScope contribute to embryo development?

Thanks to time-lapse technology, we can obtain images of the embryo from the time of fertilization. This offers us a great deal of information on embryo development without having to take the embryos out of their incubation medium, avoiding possible loss in quality.

Our clinic was one of the first centers in Spain to utilize this new technology.

The EmbryoScope maximizes the embryo culture conditions by maintainig constant

oxygen and CO2 pressures, the temperature and the pH, which all contribute to an increase of the embryos’ capacity to reach the blastocyst stage.

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The EmbryoScope takes a picture of the embryos every 10 minutes 24 hours a day and a video of the embryo development is made. This large amount of information, with the times of cell division and embryonic morphology (morphokinetic evaluation), allows us to select the embryo with the highest implantation potential, thereby increasing pregnancy rates.
Embryo culture in the EmbryoScope is recommended for patients who undergo an IVF treatment or Donor Egg IVF treatment.

What is the difference between conventional incubators and the EmbryoScope?

Conventional incubators are closed devices and the embryo is only evaluated once a day.  One image per day limits the diagnostic capacity in comparaison to the continual sequence of images that an EmbryoScope brings to us.

Furthermore, in the conventional incubator, it is necessary to take the embryo out of the apparatus to be able to see the daily image which can generate changes in the culture conditions of the embryo.The EmbryoScope, on the other hand, conducts this process automatically thanks to its incorporated image capturing (time-lapse). In this way, the culture is more stable and more adequate for the embryo.

The embryo culture in the EmbryoScope also improves the number of embryos that reach the blastocyst stage on day 5 or 6 of development, as opposed to conventional incubators. The embryos that get to this stage of development have a higher implantation potential than those transferred on day 3 of their development.

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