Procreatec Spain Patient Meeting in London

ProcreaTec Madrid in London January 24 and 25, 2020

At ProcreaTec, we understand the importance of the first meeting with the doctor. It is moment to share your case history and build trust which is essential in choosing the professional who will treat you. The meetings that we offer in London will help understand your case and establish an initial diagnosis on the basis of what you have already done and the results obtained. We can then decide on your treatment or the complementary tests we need to better understand your infertility case.

The consultation will be one on one with a specialised doctor and afterwards, a patient care assistant will explain the administrative and organizational procedures.
This free consultation is a first contact with no obligation or it can be a consultation to initiate the first steps of your fertility treatment.

Schedule your individualized consultation now for January 24 or 25, 2020:

The free-of-charge consultations are aimed at providing a first point of contact with our fertility specialist. An excellent opportunity to review your case and receive an initial pre-diagnosis before starting your treatment at our clinic located in Madrid (Spain).