Quality Control Policy

Quality Policy

Team IVF-Spain Madrid is aware of the importance of understanding and meeting the current and future needs and expectations of our patients. We are committed to this end in our day to day work.

IVF-Spain Madrid personnel is aware of the importance of understanding and meeting the current and future needs and expectations of our patients. We are committed to this end in our day to day work.
We measure patient satisfaction in order to develop actions aimed at continuously improving the services we offer, trying to attend to all the new needs and expectations that they convey to us.

ProcreaTec’s Quality Policy can only be achieved if our entire clinic works together to attain the identified goals. ProcreaTec Management accepts the challenge of motivating and leading the entire staff.

The achievement, maintenance and improvement of the level of quality of our services can only be achieved with the commitment and participation of the entire staff, and the use of their creative potential and skills.

This involvement is achieved thanks to individual contributions, information, and communication from personnel in all areas and levels of our organization.

To further the development of our personnel and their skills, so that it reflects in ongoing improvement i.e. so we are more effective and more efficient in our daily work, and fulfilling our constant commitment to Quality, ProcreaTec plans and develops training sessions aimed at both initial and ongoing education. We carry out this preparation by training our personnel in managing our Quality Policy and encouraging the specialization of the staff in the development of Quality in their activities and completing the adaptation to new technologies that arise in the market.

Each member of ProcreaTec’s staff must fulfill his/her functions. This responsibility is given to them to be in charge of. Consequently, the Management delegates the necessary authority to each member of the team to carry out their functions, so that the intended results are achieved.

Through the identification of the processes used to provide our services and their interactions, together with the standardization of work methods, we seek to offer our patients homogeneous services capable of meeting their needs and expectations. We strive to prevent any possible divergence from our planned goals.The regulated implementation of the subsequent processes and records create data and information on the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. This data and information provide the appropriate foundation for future decision making.

The staff at ProcreaTec, regardless of their functions and responsibilities, analyze the data at their disposal regarding the activities they carry out in order to identify opportunities where improvement can be implemented.Only by continuously improving procedures, methods, services, etc., can we guarantee greater internal efficiency, a better response to patient expectations and improving patient satisfaction.For this reason, ongoing improvement is a permanent goal of all members of the ProcreaTec staff.

Both Management and ProcreaTec staff are committed to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to the services we offer.This Quality Policy is conveyed to the entire ProcreaTec staff, ensuring their full understanding, as well as to all parties concerned.