I+D. Research at ProcreaTec

ProcreaTec seeks excellency in the implementation of cutting-edge technology in clinical and laboratory work. It explores new fields of know-how in order to improve results. At present, we are carrying out two prospective randomized studies on the morphological evaluation of the embryo and the improvement of the possibilities of implantation. These are just two of the areas of investigation we are currently studying at ProcreaTec.

We take care in determining the satisfaction of our patients to be able to develop ways to continually improve the services that we offer, catering to the new needs and expectations that are conveyed to us.

Our clinic is committed to research to advance in the diagnosis and treatment in Assisted Reproduction. For this reason, at ProcreaTec, we invest an important part of our resources in financing research. This commitment has led us to recognition in the scientific world with two prizes in Innovation, Quality and Image in Assisted Reproduction (ICIRA) backed by the Spanish Society of Assisted Reproduction (SEF) and the Society for the Study of Reproduction Biology (ASEBIR).

ICIRA Prizes

In 2009, we received an honorable mention in the category of “Relevant data in Assisted Reproduction Treatments” with the study called, “Does the addition of recombinant LH help ovarian morphology in normo-responder patients regarding their Anti-Müllerian Hormone values? ”. In this study we evaluated the levels of the Anti-Müllerian Hormone and compared them to the number of retrieved eggs and their quality in IVF treatments. The results showed a positive relationship between the Anti-Müllerian value and the number of eggs retrieved and a negative relationship with the egg quality.

Two years later we obtained another ICIRA prize in the category, “Innovation in Assisted Reproduction treatments”. We received this award in 2011 for the study called, “Research on the evaluation of early division in development to the blastocyst stage and the possibility of improving the pregnancy rate in IVF treatment”.
In both studies Dr. Lourdes López Yáñez and Dr. Jennifer Rayward collaborated with the embryologists Dr. Félix Rodriguez and Nagore Uriarte.

These prizes acknowledge our effort and commitment in research, the quality of our services all with the objective of focusing on obtaining optimal results for our patients.

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