Single mothers by choice

Single Mothers

Single Mothers

The number of women who decide to become single mothers by choice is growing. At ProcreaTec, our medical professionals and patient care team will help you every step of the way .

What treatments are recommended for single women?

There is a variety of  Assisted Reproduction treatments available to single women. The best treatment option for a woman will depend on her age, her ovarian reserve and other medical factors. The treatment options are the following:

Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is a simple Assisted Reproduction technique. It is one of the most natural ways to achieve pregnancy because fertilization (i.e. the moment that the egg and the sperm meet) takes place inside of the woman’s body.

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is a laboratory technique that allows the fertilization of eggs outside the woman’s body. To use this technique, eggs must be retrieved and then fertilized using donor sperm.

In Vitro Fertilization with Donor Eggs

In vitro fertilization with donor eggs is an IVF using a donor’s eggs instead of the patient’s. The donor eggs are fertilized with donor sperm to create embryos that will later be transferred to the patiente.

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What treatment is indicated in my case?

At ProcreaTec we recommend consulting with one of our doctors directly in order to receive a personalized medical assessment, but the general guidelines we use to recommend one treatment over another are the following:

  • Recommended for young women with a normal ovarian reserve.


  • When a woman’s ovarian reserve is compromised due to advanced age, ovarian surgery, endometriosis or premature ovarian failure
  • When Fallopian tubes are obstructed
  • When genetic diagnosis of the embryos is indicated.

• For women with a depleted ovarian reserve, premature ovarian failure, endometriosis, surgeries or aggressive treatments.
• Women whose egg quality is limited (normally related to age)
• In women with genetic problems that they do not want their offspring to inherit.

Treatments with donor sperm

At ProcreaTec we work with two external sperm banks which are fully qualified and meet Spanish and European legislations requeriments. These banks send us the sperm to use for the treatments at the clinic. The samples are transported to out clinic and remain frozen until their use. Then they are thawed and undergo capacitation to maximize their potential.

Who selects the donor?

Gamete donation is completely anonymous in Spain: neither the recipient nor the donor know each other’s identity. Because it is an anonymous process, the selection is done at ProcreaTec in synchrony with the sperm back. We work with two external sperm banks in order have a greater variety of phenotypes. The choice of the donor is done taking into account the physical characteristics of the recipient and her blood type.

How should I face motherhood as a single woman?

Deciding to be a single mother is a very important choice. Therefore, it is important that you feel accompanied and supported at all times. At ProcreaTec, our medical professionals and patient care team will accompany you during the entire treatment.

Furthermore, we have a Psychology Unit available for those patients who need additional support before or during the treatment.

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At ProcreaTec our goal is that our patients have a healthy baby at home in the shortest time. For this purpose we guarantee:

Our personalized attention that includes follow-up by one of our doctors and a person from the patient care team who will accompany –   you from the beginning to the end of treatment.

– Depending on the treatment plan, you can achieve better results in combination with advanced techniques.

Our pregnancy rates are above the Spanish average and are certified by the Spanish Fertility Society. SEF

We are committed to apply the most advanced assisted reproduction techniques, suitable for each case.

          We have ISO 9001:2015 and UNE 179007:2013 quality certificates.